Top 5 stunning sarees to look more beautiful


Sarees increases the beauty of a woman, Its the most sensuous outfit which makes a woman attractive and charming. The Indian woman of every age prefers to wear sarees in the auspicious occasion of her life. Fashion keeps on changing but saree is only the attire which never changes but only its fabrics, pattern and colors keep on changing with time and trends. There are various traditional style of Saree available in the Indian market. Wearing a saree is a must for women to conserve the culture of India. Women wear saree to express the pride of their nation and tradition. One of the essential aspects of the culture of India sets-up lead to growing Indian traditional sari. It is also considered as inspiration for costume lovers across the world. Wearing a saree results in spiritual healing; thus, reducing the distressing energy covering around the body and the distress caused by negative energies. Those facing distress due to negative energies have negative thoughts about wearing a saree.

Some types of sarees famous in India:

1. Banarasi Saree

Banarasi sari is One of the most beautiful Indian saree made in Banaras now known as Varanasi, the holy city of India. Saris from Banaras are considered as one of the finest saris in India and specially known for heavy work of gold and silver brocade or zari and embroidery. Banarasi sarees are not only a traditional attire, but a symbol of pride, happiness,union, and celebration for Indian women.

Which Banarasi Sarees to buy for different occasions?

  1. If you are buying a Banarasi saree to wear at functions like wedding or you are looking for something as a bride, go for a Handloom Katan Silk Banarasi Saree. It will affix a rich-royal look to your adumbration.
  2. If you are buying Banarasi sarees for summer wedding, then look for something lighter and cool like Handloom Organza Banarasi sarees.
  3. For a contemporary look, opt for big border Banarasi sarees, geometric motifs or textured sarees like Raw, Tussar, Cotton, Linen, etc. They will give you a stylish look.


2. Silk Saree

Silk sarees are well famous not only in India even all around the world for its design, printed fine texture, vibrant colors and Embroidered around. These beautiful saris are used during the wedding or festival celebration in the most part of south India. Silk saris are famous from Mysore silk sarees, Kanchipuram silk sarees and Bhagalpur silk sarees also available in different variants like Embroidery Silks, Printed Silk, Cot Silk, Raw Silk and Pure raw silk.

Show up your versatility by draping silk sarees in various types. For instance, pure rich Kanjivaram silks, banarasi silk sarees, and Mysore silk sarees. When it comes to the wedding party, you can leave the traditional silk and go for more stylish sarees.


3. Kosa Saree

Kosa Sarees is one of finest sari and gives a royal look to a Indian woman. Kosa is type of silk found in trees like sal and saja and available in different color, pattern and design. The price of kosa saree depends on the purity of the silk and handwork.
The manufacturing process of Kosa silk is quite time-consuming and complicated due to the rarity of Kosa worm. Kosa silk is obtained from an Indian silkworm – Antheraea mylitta and is a variety of Tussar silk. It is drawn out of cocoons which are especially grown on specific trees known as Arjun, Saja and Sal. Kosa silk is known for its sturdiness and is preferred to pure silk in the state of Chhattisgarh.


4. Nauvari Saree

Nauvari Saree is a traditional Maharashtrian Saree, Its nine yard long traditional saree of Marwari women. Maharashtrian nauvari Saree has a unique way of wearing, It is worn without petticoat and in kaccha style.

They sport some of the best designs for sarees ever and sport some unique pattern done on them. If you are looking for a different version of sarees that follow a different trend of designs and unique patterns, then this will be one of the finest ones out there. The alluring pattern done on them are quite eye-catching and will be suitable for all women out there. The Nauvari is a timeless sexy Maharashtrian saree, that has survived generations


5. Net Saree

The all time favorite net sarees are made from different nets like soft and hard net and the most fascinated saree among all sarees. Due to its glamorous look and comfort feel its become a hot wear among the young girls as well as women. Its the eye catching sarees which gives a modern look and worth seeing.



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